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Are you looking a great laptop at a bargin price?

There is something wonderful about taking a Pc or Mac from the brink of failure and restore it to full working order and beyond. Upgrading them until they rival something new all over again. Throwing something away is all too common these days but not here. Whether it is a Pc or a Mac we put in the work to make sure that you don't have to spend full price for a machine that will meet your needs!
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  • mac troubleshooting
The skills needed to refurbish a Pc or a Mac come in handy in other ways too! Such as if you want to hold on to an old friend. We can take a look under the hood and tell you how we can repair or just upgrade your Macbook or Windows Pc. So whether it be a replacement or a repair we have the skills and tools to meet you every step of the way. Please come see us for a free diagnosis or advice on a new Mac or Pc!
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