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Business IT Services

We manage your technology so you won't have to.

All businesses rely heavily on a stable computer network. If your business network needs this stability, our technicians at  Computer Answers  can help. We have a range of service packages, tailor-made for your network's needs. Rest assured that our IT management support will keep your network running smoothly, whether you have a single computer, two computers, or an entire building of them.

Our philosophy is that businesses should focus on their business, not on their business IT. We keep up with the latest trends in the IT landscape so you don’t have to. Just sit back, relax, and watch your business grow steadily as we take care of the loose ends.

Bringing Your Business to the Cloud

"The Cloud" is a new ideology wherein all shared resources are uploaded to the Internet instead of saved on one local network.  cloud computing  is growing in popularity because it allows businesses to expand in capacity without having to invest in new infrastructure or software.

Computer Answers has responded to this increasing need with its very own Cloud Services. It differs from the traditional on-site network management because it is elastic (you only pay for what you need), can be remotely managed (Computer Answers will fully manage your data in the Cloud), and is forever on-demand with an internet connection.

Three Levels of Support

Depending on what your needs, we offer three business IT service options tailored specifically to the size and nature of your business. Contact us at (518) 207-1477 for a free quote. You can also drop by our offices in Albany, Clifton Park, and Schenectady and talk to our specialists for an in-depth understanding of our services.

Ongoing Support

This service option is ideal for medium-sized organizations. Under this support plan, your system is handled by our own IT specialists in real time as if they are your own staff.  Computer Answers  provides you with continuing IT management and network support, as well as secure off-site backup. We will help in the framing and planning of your IT systems, and proactively coordinate all of your IT-related decisions. Expect virtually zero downtime, a near-perfect working environment, and if problems do arise, our technicians are there to help you.

Preemptive Support

Computer Answers recommends preemptive support for large businesses who don’t need ongoing, proactive support, but want expert IT help to prevent the occurrence of future network problems.  Computer Answers  offers competitive rates on a ‘as needed’ basis. The business it services provided include PC tune-ups, upgrades and installations (hardware and software), virus scanning, and network security.

Per Incident Support

Computer Answers recommends this option for those who own a small business or an office at home. Call us anytime you want to recover your lost files, upgrade/update your system, completely remove viruses, or expand your IT network. We are a company that cares about your investments in technology; therefore, we provide you with the best that we have to offer.

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