At Computer Answers, questions are always welcome, after all…we’re Computer Answers  for a reason! Below you’ll find a list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer here feel free to give us a call at  (866)-488-2806.

How do I find you?

We have five locations across the State of New York. You can find the one nearest you by clicking here or by calling us at  (866)-488-2806

My computer isn’t working but I don’t know if it’s a minor or major problem. How much will it cost me to find out?

Nothing! Computer Answers offers a free diagnostic service for all phones, tablets and computers.

Do you offer free shipping for any of your repairs?

Yes we do! Shipping is free for any broken or malfunctioning phone sent to us for repair.

I tried to fix it myself and now my phone is in pieces. Can I still bring it to you for repair?

Of course you can. Just try and bring us all the pieces if possible.

I have an older model, LG KS 360 phone. Can you repair it?

Computer Answers will do a free diagnosis on any phone, any make and give you our honest estimate as to repair costs. We service all models of phones, tablets and computers.  

Can you remove spyware from my device?

Yes we can. We both remove unwanted spyware or malware, plus we can install the latest and best virus protection software.

Our business has several work stations. We can’t start shipping them all to you. Can you send a technician to us?

Of course we will. We even offer business bundles for this service. Either call us at  (866)-488-2806 or send us a message here and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

Is it worth it for me to get my phone or tablet fixed, or should I just get a new one?

That’s up to you of course and our free Diagnosis service will help you with your decision. Computer Answers also buys and sells new and used computers, phones and tablets so if you decide to buy and sell you can get it done in one stop.


Repairs from a Distance

If you can’t get to one of our five locations, these questions will be of particular interest to you.


I’m not comfortable sharing my credit card details over the internet. Are there alternate methods I can use to pay?

Yes there are. When you contact us we will discuss that with you and find a method that suits your needs.

Will I have to share my passwords with you?

Yes you will. Computer Answers maintains absolute privacy for its clients and we have never had a security breach. We will also advise you on the best privacy protocols and software for your personal or business protection.

Do I have to give you my SIM card for my phone? No one will be able to call me for hours or days!

Not to worry. We have our own SIM cards so you can plug yours in to your back-up phone. If you require a back-up phone while yours is being diagnosed and/or repaired, we can make arrangements for that.

Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?

Yes we do. We offer a 30 day guarantee on all parts and labor.