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iPad Repair

If you are looking for the best apple tablet repair company there is at the moment, then worry no more, because you came to the right place.

We are   Computer Answers  - hands-down the leading tablet computer company in the U.S. We aim to provide top-notch, yet cost-effective apple tablet repair services for the millions of apple tablet owners all around the country. Our highly skilled technicians and repair specialists are versed at providing repair solutions on problems regarding iOS device functionality. iPad port repair, come see an iPad repair specialist and get your iPad battery replacement done right away.

                                 Why Choose Us?

Put simply, because Computer Answers cares and are focused on long term vision of being the best apple support company in the world, we love apple products and really love the people who use them! Our goal is to build long term lasting relationships which require outstanding customer service and the customer is always right mentality. If you are thinking i need to fix my iPad or my iPad screen repair, iPad LCD repair, my apple tablet port repair, apple tablet battery replacement, and anything else hardware related.

People choose our repair services mainly because we care about their products, something that is lacking in other repair centers. We realize how much the cost is for an iPad (or all products, for that matter), any iPad model no need for apple support, if it’s a shattered screen, home button, water damaged,  so if it’s an iPad mini, iPad air, iPad pro, or any apple device, we take due care in handling your device. Furthermore, we are able to restore and repair all versions of the iPad, starting from the original iPad up to the newest iPad outing. Is your iPad battery or screen repaired from front glass damage, or other replacement parts, no need for app store, we handle everything in house from replace the battery, to replace the LCD, get in touch on your cell phone, to avoid incidents of accidental damage?

What separates us from the pack is that we always listen to the needs of all our customers and we take note of the feedback on our diagnostics and repairs. We also have highly trained and motivated Apple-certified staff that are equipped with the latest tools and repair software. We have been repairing apple tablets since their first launch in 2010. We fix all generations of apple tablets using authentic spare parts and approved, up-to-date software. There are unlimited issues you may be experiencing with your apple tablet and you need a specialist who can handle these problems. We have spent countless hours fixing complex motherboard problems on apple tablets and all other tablet models.

The complete list of apple tablets includes:

·          First Generation (apple tablet)

·          Second Generation (iPad 2)

·          Third Generation (New apple tablet)

·          Services Offered: iPad Screen Replacement - A broken screen is still the most common problem apple tablet users are experiencing, as iPads are essentially about the touch screen. Whether your apple tablet has screen scratches, cracks or completely broken screens,   Computer Answers  has the proper solution for you.

·          iPad Power/Volume Buttons Repair - If you use your apple tablet often, most likely you'll have problems with unresponsive power or volume buttons.

·          Apple tablet Charging Problem

Apple tablet Software Repair - Software errors happen to iOS devices all the time, and we recognize that not all users have enough knowledge or time to deal with such issues. With us you'll be able to fix any software or iOS anomalies that you encounter at the fastest turnaround rate possible. We will also put in place some precautionary measures so that your apple tablet will run smoothly for extended periods of time.

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