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remote support services 

So, here you are! Your computer doesn't work, and you have no desire to lug it around. Well you have landed on the right page, within minutes we can connect to your computer right over the internet to give you a free estimate. Once diagnosed you know the cost upfront, if its reasonable you give us the go ahead to fix the problems. Only once we fixed the problems which you were having, do we take payment and with a receipt right over the web. Computer Answers will quickly diagnose and remotely repair your Windows PC or laptop.  All you need is a basic Internet connection!

Simply call us at Computer Answers, then follow our instructions to quickly establish a secure link with our support people.

Once a remote connection is established, our technicians can interact with your computer software as if they were standing right in front of your machine!

Our knowledgeable support technicians can then perform all sorts of tasks, such as software installs and upgrades, optimizations, settings changes, virus and spyware removal, and fix many other problems right through the remote connection. They can even restart the machine and the remote connection will be re-established so they can continue working.

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

With remote support, you don't have to mess with your computer while a technician tries to talk you through a maze of windows and settings over the phone. So, sit back and relax while we make your troubles go away!

To establish a remote connection right now, call us at

.  An experienced technician will be on the case immediately.

Remote Support sessions are as low as $25 for Windows operating system repairs or virus and spyware removal!

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