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Having trouble with your PC and looking for the right PC computer repair center to get you back up and running? Why not give us a try, for free? We offer 100% free diagnostics on all PC repairs so you’ll never have to pay a dime to know what’s wrong with your computer.  The world of PC’s has greatly improved since Computer Answers opened its first computer repair service center back in 1999. In those days, after you pushed the power button you had the time while the machine booted up to pour a coffee, make a phone call, maybe even have a long lunch and we’ll have that pie a la mode please. No, desktop computers are faster, sturdier and more reliable than they ever were but until they (and their owners) are made perfectly, there will always be a need for Computer Answers PC repair services.

Why Choose Us For Your PC Repair?

Whether your desktop computer runs the Mac OS, Windows desktop, or a Linux variant; whether it is made or licensed by Apple, Sony, Dell, Google, HP, Toshiba or any of the other many manufacturers, at Computer Answers we have seen your desktop arrive at our technicians’ tables broken, banged up or running slower than frozen water. You name the problem, we’ve fixed it.

Because we know the hardware and programming of all brands of desktops so well, Computer Answers has the experience and the expertise to diagnose your computer’s problem accurately, and get it repaired and back to you quicker than anyone else. Most problems can even be fixed in the time it takes for you to have a cup of coffee after dropping off your desktop at one of our five locations in Albany, Schenectady or Brooklyn.

If you can’t bring your laptop to us, we can either arrange safe and secure shipping or even send one of our technicians to your home or office. In that case, let us know in general or specific terms what the problem seems to be. We don’t expect you to be an expert – that’s our job. We want you to resume being an expert in your own profession with your desktop computer running and working.

At the bottom of this page you’ll see some general categories as to common problems desktop computers have had in the past. We know them well and we have successfully fixed them. And if you just don’t know, that’s okay too. You didn’t buy that computer to learn how to become a computer technician. .

So either call us Toll Free at 866-488-2806 or use our Contact Form. Either way, you’ll soon be talking with a Computer Answers pro who knows what to do get your desktop back in great running order.

Our Desktop Computer Repair Services

Free Diagnostics

Of course the best way of solving a problem is by doing all you can to avoid having a problem. At Computer Answers, we offer a Free Diagnostic for any computer brought in or shipped to one of our five service centers. If that is not feasible, as it may not be for a business workstation, it makes sense to arrange for a trained Computer Answers technician to regularly inspect your desktop computers on site. Contact us now before an emergency occurs.

Startup / Ram Memory Repair

If you notice a gray screen appearing when your desktop is turned on, or if the computer is running slowly with spinning pinwheels, wristwatches or hourglasses regularly showing up on the display, there are several possible reasons. It may be that there is a flaw or compatibility issue with your version of the operating system. If you do not have your startup disc at hand, there is no reason to worry. At Computer Answers we have all the possible startup discs for the various versions of Mac OS, Windows, linux and all the rest. Or, if you require a memory replacement or upgrade, we can quickly re-install RAM or advise you if an upgrade is in order.

Virus / Spyware Removal

Perhaps your desktop computer is just behaving strangely. Are there unexpected freezes or is your workstation crashing? Maybe you have noticed Applications that you don’t remember installing, or you think that you may have come under a virus attack leading to a security leak. If any of those issues sound like something happening with your desktop, you may have a virus or spyware issue that needs to be fixed promptly and carefully. At Computer Answers, we will analyze your software and that diagnostic service is free. If you approve, we will update your security applications and remove any spyware or other damaging programs.

Water Damage Repair

Whether you or a family member spilled a cup of coffee on your machine, or if your desktop was exposed something more serious like a flood it is crucial that you get that computer into the hands of a Computer Answers professional technician as quickly as possible. Time really is of the essence as that water may be creeping into your desktop’s logic board, possibly causing extensive damage to the data contained in the hard drive. Your computer may even seem to be running fine for a while after water exposure. CAUTION! If your desktop computer has become wet, do not turn it on! Contact us immediately.

Hard Drive Repair/Replacement

Sometimes hard drives just give up, it can be due to a drop, a bump or just time itself, but the cause itself is not important. What is important is recovering the weeks or even years’ worth of vitally important documents contained on your business computer’s hard drive. When Computer Answers performs a Free Diagnostic assessment, we will take a close look at your hard drive and give you an honest estimate as to how much of the data is recoverable and at what cost. You can trust that if it can be saved, Computer Answers will save that data and we will move it to a new hard drive for you.

PC Monitor Repair

Whether your desktop display is a CRT, LED, LCD or Retina of any size, its screen can become scratched, cracked or otherwise damaged. A broken display can be caused by exposure to intense heat, or the unfortunate accidents and/or wear and tear that occur over time. At Computer Answers we have fixed or replaced hundreds of displays and we will do that for you quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

We bring the solution to you – On-Site & Remote Desktop PC  Repair

There is always a level of difficulty in fixing desktop PCs; this difficulty is primarily attributed to its inherent lack of mobility. Here at Computer Answers, we address this problem with the most logical solution – onsite repairs. Not only will it eliminate the hassle of moving your PC from one place to another, it also ensures that your computer will not be damaged further by needless transportation.

With onsite PC repairs, we instead mobilize one of our expert computer technicians to go check your computer in the comfort of your home. Just make a call with us so we can schedule a home visit and perform diagnostics services for your computer at a fixed, affordable rate. We will then give you a quote as to how much the actual repairs will cost; we always make sure that you get the most out of your dollar. It is our primary objective to save our clients money while still receiving quality service.


What If I’m Not Sure What I Need, Are Diagnostics Free?

For Onsite Desktop Computer repairs, we do have a minimum fee for diagnostics and repairs, however when you bring your device to any of the 5 Computer Answers Locations same-day diagnostics are ALWAYS free!

We have FAST solutions for the most common problems. With our years of expertise, we’ve already determined the five most common desktop PC problems. These are PC Crashes, Software Crashes, Internet Issues, Boot Failures and Virus Attacks. Because we’ve encountered these same problems over and over in the past decade we’ve already designed standard protocols we use when approaching all these issues, ensuring a faster and a more permanent fix for your Desktop PC.

If your computer problem is something uncommon, don’t worry; our top-notch computer specialists will be up to the challenge. We’ll provide you the same professional, effective services we’ve given to our clients for more than 10 years.

What makes us different? How about FREE Diagnostics, repairs while you wait, and a host of other services aimed at getting you back up and running faster than anyone in the business.

Desktop Computer Repair Services Include:

LCD / Glass Screen Replacement
Water Damage
Speaker Repair
FREE Diagnostics
Battery Replacement
Charger Port Replacement
Headphone Port Replacement
USB Port Replacement