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Computer Answers is your complete computer technology solutions provider.

So since you are here, you are wondering what is Computer Answers all about. Well we are a local small business that specializes in catering to small/medium businesses and residential clients for all of their technical needs. We combine state-of-the-art solutions with an old-fashioned business approach. We don't sell you anything you don't need. Our trained and certified technicians will make your IT-related problems and questions history. We take pride in providing high quality, affordable products and services, personalized for each of our commercial and residential clients. So, don't trust just anyone to have a go at your technology investment. Count on the people with answers — Computer Answers.

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Computer and Laptop Repairs

We specialize in Computer and Laptop Repairs for all of our commercial and residential clients. If your computer or laptop is not performing the way it used to, or if it's not working at all, we are the company to serve you. All of our services come with a FREE DIAGNOSTICS . When you drop your computer or laptop off, you can expect to have a diagnosis within a day, followed by completed repairs within 2 days. Our customers like that they know all repair costs up front, and can make a decision if the repair is worth the cost. Lastly, our main goal is to keep computer repair costs down for our customers, we are focused on volume, so saving you money is our primary objective. Feel free to call us or stop in for a free diagnostics.

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Business IT support

Every business, large or small, has a work model that allows the business to operate. As your business grows or your business functions expand, you often times turn to Computer Technology in order to free up valuable time to make decisions, and help sustain the business at the next level. Under this precept, there comes a time when your IT systems become a challenge to maintain for the purpose of your business operations. At this point in your company, you must make a choice, to either spend time working on computers, or invest your time into your business. We at Computer Answers understand these challenges and look forward to an opportunity to help you better manage your systems and allow you to focus on your business. Feel free to call us for a free consultation. (518)207-1477.

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Network Services

We offer a wide variety of networking services , from network troubleshooting, to installing a new network. Our specialty is to ensure the highest network security for all of your important company data. Our objective is to provide a cost effective solution, with all of the necessary features you require. We now offer highly secure and powerful wireless network setups . With the low overhead and fast installation times made possible by our state-of-the-art, exclusive, and robust wireless technology, we can now provide affordable wireless networks to large institutions, small offices, wired households and everyone in between! Extensive range, high-grade security, and massive scalability make our wireless networking technologies the practical choice.

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Remote Support

At Computer Answers, we recognize the value and importance of your time, this is why we have added our new Remote Support service . With this service you have the opportunity to avoid having to lug your computer around to bring it somewhere and then take it back. With a quick phone call we can connect to your system (desktop, or laptop) right over the internet, and start to diagnose and fix any and all of your problems. We can fix windows configurations, viruses, spyware, blue screens, unexpected errors, and other nuissances which keep you from doing your work or enjoying your system the way you should be. Feel free to call us for a free diagnostics (518)207-1477.

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  • Virus and Spyware Removal Protection
  • Laptop and Desktop Repair
  • SAME DAY SERVICE while-you-wait
  • Home and Office Networking
  • Remote Help Desk / Phone Support
  • Pre-Owned Laptop & Desktop Sales
  • UPGRADES – Memory, Hard Drive, Software, etc.
  • INTERNET Marketing / WEB Development
  • Printer and Peripheral Repair
  • Cracked Laptop Screen replacement
  • Thousands of In-Stock Parts for FAST service
  • Tune-Up and Backup
  • Remote & Mobile Access
  • Evaluation and IT Consultation
  • In-Shop and ON-SITE Service
  • Apple MAC Service, Repair & Upgrades
  • We service all make and models
  • WIRELESS Networking
  • Personalized Training
  • Security and Protection
  • Computer Setup & Data Transfer

If you have any computer-related problems or questions, call us right now at:

Free Diagnostics and Consultation

We cater to both residential and commercial clients, resolving issues relating to:

  • Computers - PC and Laptop Repairs; Sluggish Response; Viruses and Spyware; Hardware Failures; Upgrades; Corrupted Software Recovery; Data Restoration
  • Networking - Non-functioning; Sluggish, Intermittent, or No Connection; High Down-times; Connection Sharing; Bottlenecks; VPN; Remote Access; Firewall Protection and Security
  • Software - Microsoft Server Software; Domain Issues; Access Management; Company IT Equipment Configuration; Point-of-Sale Software; QuickBooks-related Networking Issues
  • Servers - System Failure; Data Backup and Restoration; Upgrades; Installation, Configuration and Management; Microsoft Server Configuration; Custom Servers
  • Printers - Repair of Most Printers; Printer Connectivity; Various Printing Issues
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